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The mission of English BookWorks is to provide a space for self-published authors to reach the marketplace.  Each book is read by the staff and agreed upon before being added to the collection.  Not all submissions are inline with the core values of the organization, as this is a faith based company. 

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Every self-published author eventually reaches the moment of  how do I get my book out into the marketplace while keeping my integrity.  We can help you with avenues to reach book readers while keeping control of profits and distribution. 

Emails us for more information. 

Germaine Z. English

Stop Praying for a Good Man: My Discernment Journey

I wrote my first book in my 50's and couldn't believe the response.  Stop Praying for a Good Man has taken me on the journey of a lifetime. Once I realized that there were  people who still loved reading, I wanted to find a way to connect with them.  Of course, I got calls from "publishers and marketers" who were very willing to help me for thousands of dollars. A few, even asked me to sell my copyright to gain untold fortunes. That was when I decided to help others new to self-publishing, like myself,   get the most out of  their work.  Gain more without breaking the bank while staying true to yourself. 


Timothy Lehman

Similar Hearts and Similar Hearts Africa: Reflections and True Stories About Life, Love, Faith, and Hidden Treasures
Timothy is a native of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has taught English, French, and Spanish for over 30 years in southern Hungary. In addition to teaching and organizing student theatrical and musical performances, he compiled two books of student writings, co-organized student trips to the U.S. and Israel and coordinated host family stays for Hungarian students in the US. Prior to completing his M.A. in Teaching from the School for International Teaching, he worked as a YMCA Professional Director. He preached monthly at the Szentes Baptist Congregation from 2016 to 2020 in Hungary. He has a passion for helping young people discover their gifting, calling, and purposed identity to become sons and daughters of the Most High God.

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